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Discover the World of Biologique Recherche: A Luxurious Cosmetic Experience

Introducing the Biologique Recherche Brand

Biologique Recherche is a renowned producer of high-end French professional skincare and the mastermind behind the global brand Ambassade de la Beauté (Embassy of Beauty).
Pioneering a new generation of cosmeceuticals, Biologique Recherche products tackle cosmetic issues without harsh effects on the skin, providing therapeutic and regulatory benefits. The brand caters to the luxury market with a tailored approach to each client’s unique Skin Instant®.

The Comprehensive Skincare Line

The Biologique Recherche collection boasts over 130 highly active formulations, providing diverse professional treatment options. Exclusive award-winning devices, such as Remodeling Face® and Skin Instant® Lab, seamlessly integrate with the product range for both professional and home care, offering complete, gentle, and prompt solutions for clients’ skincare concerns.

The Legacy: A Fusion of Knowledge, Experience, and Innovation

Established in the late 1970s by biologist Ivan Allouche and physiotherapist Josette Allouche, Biologique Recherche emerged from their mutual passion for skincare excellence.
Their unrivaled expertise and foresight fuel Biologique Recherche’s status as a trailblazer in effective and remarkable skincare products unlike any other in the market.

An Exclusive Methodology for Personalized Skincare

The founders devised a customized methodology for skincare procedures tailored to each skin condition©, utilizing products rich in active ingredients. Biologique Recherche initially functioned as a research lab, focusing exclusively on developing products for beauty professionals dissatisfied with the existing cosmetic offerings.

A New Era of Dynamic Development

In 2007, Rupert Schmid and Pierre-Louis Delapalme assumed control of Biologique Recherche, injecting fresh energy into the brand while preserving its core essence. Dr. Philippe Allouche, the founders’ son and Director of Research and Development, plays a crucial role in the company’s growth by crafting and introducing innovative products and inventions.
Biologique Recherche now enjoys a presence in over 80 countries, offering treatments and products exclusively at elite beauty salons and medical clinics. The tight-knit team upholds its long-standing values of experience and the pursuit of excellence, fostering a united spirit among employees at all levels who are passionate about preserving the intellectual heritage of the Biologique Recherche family business.

Evolution Rooted in Tradition

The brand’s philosophy centers on personal transformation without losing sight of its roots. Biologique Recherche remains committed to its personalized methodology and products, ensuring authenticity while continuously innovating for an even more tailored client experience.

The Paris Embassy: A Showcase of Expertise

In 1992, Biologique Recherche unveiled its Embassy in a rare historic mansion on the Champs-Elysées in the heart of Paris. This tranquil oasis serves as a platform for the brand to demonstrate its prowess. The Embassy houses a welcoming Institute of Beauty, providing clients worldwide with a distinctive, personalized skincare experience and the Académie Jozette Allouche. As the brand’s true home, the Embassy embodies the professional expertise, stringent standards, and accumulated experience that define Biologique Recherche. In this training center, cosmetologists from around the globe learn the secrets of Biologique Recherche.

The Biologique Recherche Product Range

Face Creams Creams

These creams enhance the effects of Sérums Authentiques, offering skin comfort and protection from external factors. Their sophisticated formulas are easy to apply, packed with active ingredients, and leave no occlusive film. The creams are organized into ten categories, each designed to address a specific skin condition.


Every Biologique Recherche treatment, whether at home or in-salon, incorporates the application of Lotion P50. P50 lotions gently exfoliate, regulate sebum, hydrate, and help maintain the skin’s acidic pH.
Biologique Recherche has been refining this unique skincare product that supports the skin’s natural exfoliation process and fortifies the epidermal barrier for four decades.


Biologique Recherche’s facial masks complete the preparation phase and precede the care phase. Enriched with essential fatty acids, these masks replenish the skin’s lipidic film after exfoliation and prime it for the care phase products. The “facial mask moment” in Biologique Recherche’s skincare protocols is intentionally situated in the middle of the care phase to ensure active ingredients from the care phase are not washed away during mask removal.

Serums Authentique

The brand’s serums feature concentrated active ingredients with minimal preservatives. Each serum targets specific skin issues and imperfections and can be used individually or in combination. In professional treatments, the Remodeling Face apparatus enhances their effectiveness.
For at-home care, apply a few drops of the recommended serum to a cleansed face, neck, and décolletage area (or the eye contour and lip areas or specific problem spots) using gentle upward strokes until fully absorbed.

Finishing Serums

These unique and potent formulas contain active ingredients such as plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, DNA-based moisturizers, and minerals. They are applied during the final stage of the care phase. The finishing serums complement the care phase products and serve as an ideal base for makeup, daily use, or special occasions.

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