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Skincare FAQ – 21 Most Popular Skincare Questions


Is it possible to perform facial cleansing at home on my own?

It’s best to rely on a professional for facial cleansing, especially if you have inflamed skin issues like pimples or pustules, as DIY methods can spread infection. While you can’t replicate salon-quality results at home, maintaining a skincare routine with professional products helps extend the benefits of salon treatments.


How do I identify my skin type?

Perform a simple test two hours after washing your face and without makeup to determine your skin type:

  • Oily skin: Shiny areas, thick and porous texture, prone to inflammation
  • Dry skin: Dry, flaky patches, tightness, and sensitivity
  • Combination skin: A mix of shiny and flaky areas, often due to improper care
  • Sensitive skin: Reacts easily, is prone to blushing, and has visible blood vessels
  • Normal skin: No oily or dry patches, enlarged pores, or inflammation


Should I switch face creams if I’m happy with the one I’m using?

Can my skin become addicted to a specific cream? Skin addiction to a certain cosmetic brand is a myth. You might grow attached to a cream’s scent or texture, but you only need to change it if it’s not suitable for your skin. Signs that it’s time to switch include dull and uneven skin.


How should I care for combination skin – moisturize or dry?

Treat combination skin areas differently. Use products with sebum-reducing ingredients, wash your face twice daily with gentle, alcohol-free products, and moisturize with oil-free formulas. Apply sunscreen in the summer and use masks twice weekly to purify oily and moisturize dry areas.


Does a poor diet cause acne?

Do people with problematic skin need to follow a specific diet? There’s no proven link between diet and skin health, but some individuals notice worsened skin with excessive consumption of certain foods like chocolate or citrus fruits. Monitor your skin’s reaction to specific foods to find what works best for you.


Why do people suffer from acne?

Acne is a medical condition requiring treatment and can affect people of all ages. Causes include endocrine system disorders, medication use, and low-quality cosmetics.


How do blackheads form?

Blackheads result from disrupted natural skin processes, such as thickened sebum accumulating inside sebaceous glands and creating cavities. Comedones may become inflamed due to exposure to certain microorganisms and require antibacterial treatment.


How can I prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

To minimize the risk of stretch marks:

  • Maintain a balanced diet to avoid sudden weight changes and nourish the skin
  • Take prenatal vitamins, especially vitamins E and C
  • Wear a supportive bandage to reduce abdominal muscle strain
  • Use cosmetics containing collagen

What factors contribute to cellulite, and is it possible to eliminate it? Cellulite is caused by factors such as poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, tight clothing, high heels, smoking, stress, and certain medical conditions or medications. Implementing a healthy lifestyle can help prevent cellulite, but additional cosmetic treatments may be needed if it’s already present.


How should I apply face cream for maximum benefits?

  • Cleanse your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser before applying cream
  • Apply with firm strokes using the middle finger without pulling or rubbing the skin
  • Gently massage the cream into the skin for a few minutes
  • Exfoliate several times weekly to enhance the cream’s effectiveness


How can I eliminate pimple marks, spots, and scars?

Consult a beautician for personalized advice after examining your skin. Salon treatments like fruit acid-based peels can help even out skin tone and texture. For deeper scars, consider laser skin resurfacing.


My oily skin occasionally flakes, and many creams are too greasy, causing breakouts. How should I choose a moisturizer?

Select oil-free, non-comedogenic products designed for oily, problematic skin. Professional brands like Gernetic or Thalgo offer suitable options. These formulas have a light texture, absorb quickly, and won’t clog pores or leave a greasy film.


I get pimples before my menstrual cycle but not at other times. What should I do?

Hormonal fluctuations can cause such breakouts. Applying an anti-inflammatory remedy, like salicyl zinc ointment, for isolated pimples, directly to the affected area. For multiple rashes, consult a gynecologist for tests and potential hormonal treatments.


What painless hair removal method should I choose?

I considered laser hair removal for my blonde arm hair but was told lasers don’t work on light hair. ELOS epilation is recommended for removing blonde hair, as it destroys hair follicles without causing pain. An anesthetic gel is applied during the procedure to minimize discomfort, and you may only experience a slight tingling sensation.


After using a new night cream for my eyelids, I wake up with swollen eyes. Is this an allergy?

It could be an allergic reaction or individual intolerance to a cream ingredient. If you’re prone to swelling, try using an eyelid gel instead, as it’s typically better tolerated.


I have “goosebumps” on my shoulders and face. What is this, and how can I treat it?

This condition is likely follicular hyperkeratosis, a harmless issue often caused by vitamin A and E deficiencies. Consider taking a vitamin supplement and applying moisturizing creams to affected areas. Consult a cosmetologist if the condition persists.


What salon skin cleansing method is best for me?

I have many blackheads but few pimples. Home masks aren’t effective. For sensitive skin, opt for ultrasonic cleansing, as it’s less traumatic than mechanical cleansing. Consider combined or mechanical cleansing if you have numerous sebaceous plugs and less sensitive skin. A personal skin examination will yield more precise recommendations.


I want to remove a mole, but my mother insists it’s dangerous. Why?

Moles should never be removed without professional supervision. A dermatologist should only perform the removal in a clinic or cosmetic office. Moles in areas prone to trauma, such as hand or foot folds, should be removed to prevent benign growths from becoming malignant.


I have oily skin on my forehead and nose and dry skin on my cheeks. How should I care for it?

You likely have a combination of mixed skin. Use a gentle cleanser, then apply different products to different areas. For the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), use a sebum-regulating and nourishing cream for your cheeks. Use therapeutic products for T-zone rashes (acne, comedones).


After sun exposure, I get dark spots where pimples occur. How can I eliminate them?

First, address your acne issue, as treating post-acne marks beforehand is futile. Use sun-protective cosmetics with at least SPF 25 to avoid hyperpigmentation when in the sun. Products containing both lightning components and sunscreen can help reduce pigmentation intensity. Apply them every time you go outside.

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